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Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

(The following is my first entry in Arlington Presbyterian Church’s weekly newsreel. I thought I would share it here as well.) Won’t You Be My Neighbor?   I’ve been asked quite a bit over the last few weeks about my job. The comments tend to go something like “you’re a neighborhood pastor! Great! What does … Continue reading

Go and sin no more.

  So the story goes that one day Jesus was teaching in the temple. The odds are good that his usual crowd was gathered around him. Yes, there were the devoted disciples, but there were also the fringe hangers on, the curious lookey loos, and the skeptics. Whatever brought them there, they were sitting down … Continue reading

“I Love You” or “Why the Sudden Nightly Affirmations, Dude?”

My favorite podcast for the last six months or so has been The Black Guy Who Tips. Rod and his wife Karen co-host the show where they talk about world events in an unapologetically progressive and unapologetically black way. They discuss news and pop culture. Their insights are often incredibly incisive and it has been … Continue reading