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Trump and Trauma

  I had breakfast with a new friend last week. As we were getting to know each other better and share a bit about the work that we both have in front of us, we continually joked about the fact that we were tying not to be hyperbolic about what was happening in the world. … Continue reading

What’s Your Gameplan?

My beloved Steelers were beaten by the loathsome New England Patriots on Sunday for the AFC Championship. It was not a fun game to watch. It was lopsided pretty much from the first snap. Not to go too far into football minutiae, but for as long as I can remember, the Steelers have played a … Continue reading

From Monday to Friday: Moving from King and Obama to Trump

(painting by ¬†Watson Mere at http://www.artofmere.com) Yesterday was a day that just felt a little… off for me. Martin Luther King Jr. Day has long been one of the central celebrations of the year for me. It is the celebration of the life and work of a man whose courage, leadership, and theology I greatly … Continue reading

New Year, Same Me

So often we get into this time of year and the sweeping pronouncements begin: “New Year, New Me!” “This is going to be a fresh start!” “It’s time for a complete makeover!” And on and on it goes until around mid-month when it hits us that all of the baggage we lugged with us from … Continue reading