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Failing God

This weekend I had a couple of experiences that put me back in the church world for the first time in awhile. On Saturday, I spent time with some folks who are doing new church development (church planting) through the Presbyterian Church (USA). I lead a devotion for them and then helped them to organize … Continue reading

The Affair Factor

  Something has been bothering me. It has been for awhile, but with the volume on the election rhetoric cranked up so high, it’s really striking a nerve. I’ve been accused of over-sharing in the past and may be again here, but so be it: I have a really hard time with people criticizing Hillary … Continue reading

Pulling the Trigger

Originally posted on pulpitshenanigans:
I’m not the first to say it, this election has been triggering. For immigrants, for People of Color, for women, for men of conscience. For, well, almost everyone. Today was the latest scandal about Trump’s “locker room talk” in 2005. I won’t even bother linking to an article about it. It’s…

Brown Recluse

Two days ago was the second anniversary of my divorce. I knew the date was coming and I could feel depression creeping in. On the actual day, however, it came and went without my ever acknowledging it. Still, there was a feeling that lingered around in my psyche. Then yesterday I put my finger on … Continue reading

Luke Cage: Our Side of the Story

Sometimes you’re having a shitty day. It’s raining, you’re late, the kids are on your nerves thus exacerbating your lateness, the weak coffee you made spills all over you when you hit a bump in the road, your wi-fi is slow, someone’s already eaten the leftovers you were fantasizing about, that weight you’ve gained is … Continue reading