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Kaep and America 

Before this weekend when I thought of Colin Kaepernick, I thought of the guy who took the NFL by storm in his early seasons. I imagined the NFC West becoming a yearly battle between Russell Wilson and Kaep, two young, dark skinned quarterbacks with incredible athletic gifts and instant superstar status. In recent years, the … Continue reading


If you have engaged with me at all through social media, then you have seen the hashtag #therapyishard. It’s usually an indicator that I just got out of a session where I put in work on myself. I hope it doesn’t come across as boastful, like “therapy is hard and I’m awesome for doing it!”. … Continue reading


In 2010, I had the opportunity to be apart of the Chautauqua Institute’s New Clergy Program. It was a great experience in which I learned a great deal, met some fantastic people, and got to enjoy the beauty of the institute during the summer months. I also got to hear some amazing speakers. Rev. Dr. … Continue reading

The Things We Ignore…

Today is the last full day of vacation. Shannon, the kids, and I have been at her uncle’s cabin outside of Boone, North Carolina. As much as I love the beach, it has been nice to escape to the mountains this year, to enjoy the cooler air and the beautiful views.¬† It’s been relaxing for … Continue reading

I, Trump.

Yesterday I saw what might be my new favorite hashtag of all time: #trumpsterfire. Basically, this was used as a description of Republican nominee’s campaign after of week of giant gaffes and mistakes. From silencing babies to cheapening a purple heart to feuding with the family of a fallen soldier, the train wreck that is … Continue reading

The Need to Need.

I grew up in a house where I was the third of four. My older sister and I could probably each make strong claims to which of us was more the “middle” child, but if she wants to stake her claim, she can write her own damn post! In my mind, I bear all of … Continue reading