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Worst. Election. Ever.

Disclaimer: Before I get too far, let me just say that I plan on voting for Mrs. Clinton. I think she is the far more qualified candidate. And I am not missing out on the symbolism of electing our first female president. It is, frankly, long overdue. I remember the overwhelming flood of emotions when … Continue reading

A World Worth Fighting For

Today was going to be the day. This was going to be the day that I turned away from the stark realism, bordering on pessimism, of my most recent posts and affirmed the goodness of the world. I was going to talk about beauty and truth and goodness. I was going to talk about hope … Continue reading

That could have been me.

I don’t have a lot to say about Charles Kinsey’s shooting, but more than feels suitable for a Facebook status. Pardon my language. Guys, that could have been me. Do you get it now? This wasn’t some “thug” selling loosies or cd’s, though those things shouldn’t be considered justified. This wasn’t someone resisting arrest, although … Continue reading

Bad Theology! Bad, bad theology!

Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HruL3hLaAaU Now watch this: http://www.ifyouonlynews.com/politics/ben-carson-goes-way-off-script-during-insane-rnc-speech-starts-rants-about-lucifer-video/ Folks, we have a problem. And it’s a theological problem. The good news is that theological problems can be solved. The bad news is that it takes time to solve a theological problem and I’m not sure that we have time we need. The irony of the RNC’s clearly articulated … Continue reading

Your Manhood is Showing

(Disclaimer: I am amateur when it comes to gender studies, so please forgive any over-generalizations I make about masculinity or femininity. Constructive feedback to that end is welcome) Back in my film school days, I took a course on Stanley Kubrick. It was easily my favorite class, as it is rare that you can watch … Continue reading

And so I pray…

Where do I start? Another day, another shooting. This one, in Baton Rouge, is against police again, so the rhetoric will be predictable. “Blue Lives Matter”. “Black Lives Matter” incites violence. The motives were assigned before the smoke cleared. I pray for the families of those who lost loved ones, both those in uniform and … Continue reading

Confession of a Token Negro

Hi, My name is Derrick… …and I am a token. (Hi, Derrick!) I don’t remember exactly when I became a token, but I guess I would point to when my family moved us out into the suburbs. Pretty much from that point on, I have almost always been in situations where I am either the … Continue reading

reliving the trauma…

I hadn’t even begun processing what had happened to Alton Sterling before I learned about Philando Castile. There are videos for both men. Videos that are fully accessible, that sometimes play when you don’t want them to. Videos that could easily be seen by children. Videos that could easily be seen by my children. Videos of … Continue reading