My list: 36 things I want from my next year

  1. More writing: blog posts, articles, and personal journaling
  2. More running: much more. 35 year old me was not a good runner
  3. More cooking: a byproduct of living with great cooks is that I’ve been a slacker.
  4. More reading: because you can never read too much
  5. More races: not enough to run more, races have me to push myself
  6. More music: I got out to a lot of concerts last year. More live music, more playing music
  7. More snuggles: cat snuggles, kid snuggles… you want a snuggle? I got your snuggle right here!
  8. More hugs: cause it’s not okay for me to snuggle everyone
  9. More smiling: I have a great smile. The world needs to see it more.
  10. More worship: It’s time for me to fully re-engage in the part of myself that needs to be in awe
  11. More community: I need to get out of my own way in finding meaningful connection.
  12. More gardening: I want to grow all of the things all of the time.
  13. More mindfulness: I want to deepen my practice and teach others as well.
  14. Less stuff: I have too much stuff.
  15. More experiences: Experiences are far more valuable than stuff.
  16. Less waste: More recycling. More composting. More repurposing.
  17. Getting my career back on track: I’m a pastor by gifting and training. Someone’s gotta want me to do that.
  18. More dad time: I want to have more authentic time with my kids.
  19. More reconciliation: Some bridges can’t be unburned. For all the rest? I need to make the effort.
  20. More “I love you’s”: cause I do
  21. Less worry: Cause it solves nothing
  22. More kindness: cause it solves most things
  23. More laughter: because nothing is that serious
  24. Better finances: I’m not gonna dig myself out of this hole in a year, but I can make some steps.
  25. Move slower: hurrying makes you anxious and less careful. I don’t need either of those.
  26. More geeking out: Cause there’s nothing wrong with being a passionate fan.
  27. More dreaming: because without vision the people perish
  28. more planning: cause dreams need to be incarnated
  29. More encouraging: because there are enough critics.
  30. More water: because I never drink enough.
  31. More creating: cause we’re predisposed to make things.
  32. More collaboration: because my ego can handle it.
  33. More listening: because I have a lot to learn
  34. More prayer/meditation: because I am part of something larger
  35. Less fear: Because failing is part of the journey
  36. More self compassion: because I’m only human.

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