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Lenten affirmation, day 36

tonight’s affirmation has been percolating for awhile: tonight I affirm my blackness. I affirm the beauty of my culture and heritage. I affirm the struggle of a history of my people that has molded me shaped me. I affirm that “black” can be many things: smart, creative, bold, quiet, dignified, hilarious, righteous and cunning. I affirm my blackness over against those who feel black lives do not matter. I affirm it over against those who say we are post-racial. I affirm it over against those who say I am not black enough because I was raised in the suburbs. I affirm it against those who would accuse me of self loathing because of those I choose to love. All of those things are an affront to my humanity and I reject them. I affirm the beauty of my blackness Ina world that has a very different standard of beauty. I affirm that I am a man.


Tonight I am thankful for J-Live and conscious rap. I am thankful for so-so barbecue. I am thankful for neighbors being good to each other. 

And I’m thankful for this:http://youtu.be/oRRgsYvnPxs


About derricklweston

Father of two. I co-host God Complex Radio, a show highlighting progressive voices in the faith community. (godcomplexradio.com) I am an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church USA. I like lots of stuff. Sometimes I write about that stuff.


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