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Charm City Blues: Baltimore and trauma-informed community

I’ve been in Baltimore for going on three months. It’s hardly any time at all. There’s a part of me that doesn’t feel entitled to what I am feeling tonight. I’ve fallen in love with this city pretty quickly. It has been a refuge for me, a place to start over. As a Steelers fan, … Continue reading

The Trauma-Informed Life

Yesterday I attended an event that crystallized some thoughts I have been having. It was a symposium hosted by Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute as a part of their social determinants of health initiative. The focus of the symposium was healing from community trauma. The thesis of the entire event was that we need to … Continue reading


This post is a part of the UNCO synchroblog. April’s them is “UnEarthed”. You can read the other posts in the series here.  Therapy often feels like an archaeological dig. Well, it feels like how I imagine those digs go; you find a spot that seems reasonable to start digging, sometimes you don’t find anything … Continue reading

Resurrection and Self love

I’ve been thinking of how to put a bow on my Lenten affirmations. I will say that it has been the most meaningful discipline I have undertaken in a long time. Something in my brain fundamentally shifted by affirming myself and being grateful for the things in my life. I was changed by this Lent … Continue reading

Lenten affirmation, day 40

tonight I affirm a direct contradiction to my greatest fear. What is that fear, you ask? Well… Go in peace! And may the God who walks on wounded feet, walk with you on the path. May the God who serves with wounded hands open your hands to serve. May the God who lives with wounded … Continue reading

Lenten affirmation, day 39

my second to last affirmation is a response to my second great fear: the fear that my needs are a burden to my loved ones. Tonight I affirm the validity of my needs. I am not a burden to those that truly love me and even when i am, I am a burden worth bearing. … Continue reading

Lenten affirmation, day 38

i want to take my last three days of affirmation to write against my three biggest fears. So first, I affirm that I am not incompetent. Yes, some things in my life have come to me via relationships or happenstance, but I am skilled and knowledgeable. I do many things well. I do a few … Continue reading

Lenten affirmation, day 37

it’s April 1st so today I affirm that I am a fool. I’m a fool who believes the world can better. I’m a fool who believes that people want to be inspired to be their best selves. I’m naive enough to believe that dedicated individuals United in common cause can enhance the quality of life … Continue reading

Lenten affirmation, day 36

tonight’s affirmation has been percolating for awhile: tonight I affirm my blackness. I affirm the beauty of my culture and heritage. I affirm the struggle of a history of my people that has molded me shaped me. I affirm that “black” can be many things: smart, creative, bold, quiet, dignified, hilarious, righteous and cunning. I … Continue reading