Lenten affirmation, day 35

It’s Holy Week! This is the last week for my affirmation and gratitude. I’ll talk more about how it’s affected me later. This week I am adding pictures of myself to my affirmations. I’ll try to explain why over the week. 

Today, I affirm that I have not lost my sense of wonder. I watched my kids play this weekend and I was in awe of them. They are beautiful, funny, energetic, creative and I love watching them. They are as magnificent as sunsets and ocean waves. I marvel at the beauty of the sky and the goodness of people. I’m captivated by a well turned phrase or a delicious flavor. I have not lost my sense of the beauty of the world nor can I ignore my part in its beauty.

I am thankful for a great day with the kids. I’m thankful for safe travels. I’m thankful for people who turn their hardships into vocations. I’m thankful that love doesn’t die even when it would be less painful for it to do so. I’m thankful for fish tacos and bourbon. I’m thankful for opportunities to be myself. 


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