Lenten affirmation, day 33

i get daily emails from the enneagram institute. They are messages targeted to my particular type, which is five. Today’s was an affirmation: “today I affirm the value of my inventiveness and sense of humor”. Hey, why reinvent the wheel? That’s a pretty good affirmation. I am creative and funny. I value laughter and ingenuity in others and I love when I find them in myself. 

I am thankful for new friends who share my quirks. I am thankful for old friends that I’m longing to see. I’m thankful for my son and his total ignorance of the days of the week. I am thankful for my daughter and her total ambivalence toward my desire to see her face, knowing that it’s just a byproduct of being two. I am grateful for wine, Nirvana, and leftover steak. I am thankful for hugs around my knees. I am thankful for little girls who follow me from door to door as I’m door-knocking. I’m thankful that my thankful for lists are getting longer and longer…

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