Lenten affirmation, day 30

i am a recluse. There are pros and cons to that, but it is a part of who i am. I use my alone time to reflect on the ways that I want to interact with the world. I use it to imagine better relationships, restored lives, and revitalized communities. I live largely in a world of my own creation that helps me to be a better citizen of the “real world”. I will not apologize for the depth of my inner life.

Today I am thankful for a leader who makes me want to follow her lead. I am thankful for work that feels tangible and real. I am thankful for extroverts who allow me to be their sounding board. I am thankful for slippery walks on snowy nights. I am thankful for brisk walks on sunny days. I am thankful for grills and steaks. And lamb… But not til Easter. I am thankful that I have grown beyond the faith of my youth. I am thankful for struggles that get me in touch with my feelings. 

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