Lenten affirmation, day 24

i’m a good listener. Always have been. It’s one of the skills that I think good pastors and counselors cultivate. It comes from being genuinely interested in the ways that other people experience the world. I love to hear stories. I love to hear differing opinions. I think it makesme better to try to hear things I may not agree with. I have an ability to hear what’s behind people’s words. This is something that I have always liked about myself.

Today I am thankful for four new habitat for humanity homeowners getting to celebrate their new homes. I’m grateful for the community that came to celebrate them and that I get to work with that community. I’m grateful for texts from friends that make me smile. I’m grateful for a low key, kinda sleepy day. I’m grateful for Skype and the ability to see my babies’ faces! I’m grateful for my thermal blanket that I like to wrap up in when I’m sick and I’m grateful to the friend that gave it to me. I’m grateful for people who don’t know me well, but want to support me. 

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