Lenten affirmation, day ?

i’ve missed a few days of Lenten affirmations. It was somewhat from forgetfulness and somewhat from depression. Today, I affirm my five-ness. I am an enneagram five. I question. I have a strong internal life. I don’t think you can fully understand it unless you know what it’s like to live so much of your life in your head. There are real drawbacks, but I’m thankful for my perceptiveness, curiosity, humor, and insight. 

Today I am thankful for my Unco community. I am thankful for the next steps we are taking. I am thankful for a place where I feel loved, accepted, and at home. I’m thankful for the beautiful beach house we’re staying in, that is magnificent even in winter. I’m thankful for people that get my struggles. I’m thankful for good food and company. I’m thankful for the ache of missing my babies. 

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