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Lenten affirmation, day 13

I’m having a really shitty day. I’m not good at handling anger. Or shame. Or regret. Or guilt. Or embarrassment. I don’t know what to affirm about myself tonight… other than that I deserve better than what I’m getting right now. I don’t deserve to have my worst moments thrown in my face forever. No one does. I affirm that I am redeemable.

I am grateful for my lovely sister. I am grateful for her 40 years of life and our 35 years of shared life. I am grateful for friends who go to bat for me. I am grateful to work at a place that is apparently better at showing grace than the church. I am grateful for random gifts in the mail from folks who are on my team. I am grateful for good Scotch. I am grateful for cops and firefighters who show up at community meetings and listen to community concerns. I’m grateful for the people who won’t give up on me.

About derricklweston

Father of two. I co-host God Complex Radio, a show highlighting progressive voices in the faith community. (godcomplexradio.com) I am an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church USA. I like lots of stuff. Sometimes I write about that stuff.


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