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Lenten affirmation, day 35

It’s Holy Week! This is the last week for my affirmation and gratitude. I’ll talk more about how it’s affected me later. This week I am adding pictures of myself to my affirmations. I’ll try to explain why over the week.  Today, I affirm that I have not lost my sense of wonder. I watched … Continue reading

Lenten affirmation, day 34

i get moody sometimes. Today was a day I got kinda moody and in my head. I get frazzled and overwhelmed. Sometimes I don’t know what I need to snap me out of a funk. I’m complicated even to myself. The thing I will affirm in all of this? I apologize pretty well. Today I … Continue reading

Lenten affirmation, day 34

i love people. Yes, I’m an introvert and interactions drain me, but I love people so much! I love hearing their stories. I love being able to help them. I love when they hear and help me. I love the ways that we find commonality with each other. I love our diversity. I think much … Continue reading

Lenten affirmation, day 33

i get daily emails from the enneagram institute. They are messages targeted to my particular type, which is five. Today’s was an affirmation: “today I affirm the value of my inventiveness and sense of humor”. Hey, why reinvent the wheel? That’s a pretty good affirmation. I am creative and funny. I value laughter and ingenuity … Continue reading

Lenten affirmation, day 32

today I was pretty good at my job. The things I wasn’t able to do last week during my anxiety attacks, I was able to do without a second thought. I am well suited to my job. It’s nice to feel comfortable in my own skin, being the person I am made to be in … Continue reading

Hooked on Not Feeling

My new therapist said something last week that has been stuck in my craw for the last seven days… and you know how I feel about keeping a tidy craw. I talked with her about how I often feel numb instead of feeling emotions. I numb my anger. I numb my sadness. I numb my … Continue reading

Lenten affirmation, day 31

Today, I affirm my imperfection. Or at least, I affirm my desire to affirm my imperfection. I’m not all that comfortable with the idea. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that I am perfect. I do secretly believe that I am perfectible. So, I not only affirm my imperfection but my imperfectability as well. … Continue reading

Lenten affirmation, day 30

i am a recluse. There are pros and cons to that, but it is a part of who i am. I use my alone time to reflect on the ways that I want to interact with the world. I use it to imagine better relationships, restored lives, and revitalized communities. I live largely in a … Continue reading

Lenten affirmation, day 28

i have had a shitty week. I have been racked with fear, panic, and anxiety. All I can affirm right now is that I’m not going to beat myself up for feeling these things. They are real and raw. They are a part of my experience. I wish they weren’t but the sooner I own … Continue reading

The Lukewarm Decision

My denomination, the Presbyterian Church (USA), officially ratified a change in our constitution that changes the language we use about marriage from “one man and one woman” to “two people”, opening the door for LGBT members of the church to be married within the church. To be clear, it does not mandate that a pastor … Continue reading