Lenten affirmation, day 8

One of the things that I am really good at doing is thinking about systems. I do well looking at things from 30,000 feet and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of a community, organization, or network. This is a skill that I think will suit me well as get deeper into my job. This in and of itself would be a fine affirmation, but I think what has made me effective as a preacher and communicator is that I can distill that 30,000 feet view down into something that can be digested and acted upon at the ground level. I think this is a pretty rare skill. It is a skill that many of the people that admire also have and I am pleased when I find it in myself.

Today, I am thankful for my new colleagues in the presbytery of Baltimore. I am thankful for a position that will allow me down the road to be a resource for pastors and churches. I am thankful that the morning snow did not cause more of a hassle than it did. I am thankful for the things I am learning about the history of Baltimore, a history that is shared by many cities in one way or another, and I am thankful for those who have been working to undo some of the harmful effects of that history. I am thankful for people who put bacon on things. I am thankful for good beer.

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