Lenten affirmation, day 7

One week in to the journey of Lent. Today I affirm that I am a survivor. I have been through a lot in my life. I am not saying that I have been through something worse than what other people have been through, nor that I am unusually strong, only that I have come through a great deal in my 35 years and that continue to persevere. I cannot say that I am unscathed by what life has thrown at me. No one can. Nor can I say that I have not attempted at times to inflict upon others what was inflicted upon me, yet I believe that more often than not, I have attempted to a force for good and not for harm. I affirm my desire to reconcile myself to what has happened in my past as not to continue destructive behaviors. I affirm a desire to overcome my past and to be informed by it in ways that allow me to make responsible choices moving into the future.

Today, I am grateful for my first paycheck at my new job! I am grateful for the work that my sister is doing and I am grateful that she is my sister. I grateful for concerned citizens with whom I will be working, particularly those with strong Irish accents and a love of jazz, beer, and film. I am grateful for my own love of jazz and the way the music both relaxes and excites me. I am grateful for small acts of reconciliation. Despite how it ended, I am grateful that I shared over a decade of my life with the best friend I’ve ever had. I’m grateful for little logistical pieces of my life beginning to fall into place. I am grateful for crepes with bacon and avocado. I am grateful for beauty. I am grateful for a day where I feel particularly grateful.

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