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Lenten Affirmation, day 9

I am tired. That doesn’t seem like much of an affirmation, but I’m tired because I’m working hard. I’m tired because I’m extending myself in new ways, meeting new people, and learning about a new city. I’m tired because I’m doing hard work on myself. I’m tired because the work of rebuilding a life is … Continue reading

Lenten affirmation, day 8

One of the things that I am really good at doing is thinking about systems. I do well looking at things from 30,000 feet and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of a community, organization, or network. This is a skill that I think will suit me well as get deeper into my job. This in … Continue reading

Lenten affirmation, day 7

One week in to the journey of Lent. Today I affirm that I am a survivor. I have been through a lot in my life. I am not saying that I have been through something worse than what other people have been through, nor that I am unusually strong, only that I have come through … Continue reading

Alive on Purpose or Being Survivors

A few months back I wrote a blog post about suicide. It was right after the death of Robin Williams which, inexplicably, triggered a lot of feelings, memories, and emotions for me. I’ve since taken it off my blog, but if you’re interested in reading it or reading it again hit me up at derricklweston@gmail.com. … Continue reading

Lenten affirmation, day 6

Today I affirm that there are times when I am absolutely helpless. I affirm that needing help is not a weakness. I and I affirm my need to silence the voice that says otherwise. I affirm the goodness of being physically stranded and lost as a reminder of those times when I am emotionally, psychologically, … Continue reading

Lenten affirmation, day 5

So, for those of you that don’t know, Sundays during Lent are supposed to be little Easters where the you take a break from your sacrifices. So I took a break from affirmation and gratitude yesterday. Who needs that shit? Anyway… Today I affirm a strong love for my friends and family. I know that … Continue reading

Lenten Affirmation, day 4

Tonight, I strongly affirm the version of me that emerges when I am around my children. He is my most authentic self. He is void of ego, yet confident. He is silly and stern. He is student and teacher. He gets angry yet forgives quickly. I want to be who I am with my kids … Continue reading

Lenten Affirmation, Day 3

Today was incredibly hard. I dealt with waves of shame, guilt, worthlessness, regret… The best that I can affirm today is that having these feelings is legitimate and that these feelings are not a permanent state Today I am thankful for a safe drive from Baltimore to Pittsburgh, my parents’ home where I’m staying, and … Continue reading

Lenten Affirmation, day 2

Lent 2 affirmation: I affirm that I am neither as bad as the worst thing said about me nor as good as the best. I am open to knowing myself and working on my flaws. I am a work in progress. At times the progress is not as linear as I would like it to … Continue reading

Ash Wednesday affirmation

Lent has been most meaningful for me during those times when I take something new on instead of shedding some vice. I’ve liked to think of the season as a time to take on a new discipline and to try to integrate that practice into my life. I’ve done it with writing. I’ve done it … Continue reading