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“D” is for depressed. (That’s good enough for me)

Since my birthday, I have been incredibly depressed. If you’ve not read Allie Brosh’s description of depression in “Hyperbole and a Half, then you should go here and read it immediately. She does as good a job as anyone describing what it’s like to live chronically with depression. I’ve had a hard time over the … Continue reading

Resistance is (not) futile: Some thoughts on Marcus Borg (see what I did there?)

I join with many of my friends in mourning the loss of Marcus Borg. Borg was a new testament scholar, an author, a prominent figure in the Jesus Seminars and the movement for the study of the historical Jesus. For many, he gave us a version of Christianity that we could hold on to when … Continue reading

What broke me

I’ve been stuck in suspended animation since the end of 2011. In significant ways, everything that has happened since, the personal and professional failures, feel rooted in the events of that year. I feel like I have written and spoken ad nauseum about that time of my life. At the same time, digging into this … Continue reading

A street fit for a King

Have you been to Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd? Or Court? Or Place? Or Street? Or Avenue? Most cities have one. Have you been there? Probably not. There’s a good chance that it is the worst street in your city. It is more likely than not the epicenter of drug activity and violence. It is … Continue reading

I’m always angry

One of my favorite parts of the movie The Avengers is right before the climactic battle scene that levels New York. Our heroes gather, including Dr. Bruce Banner. Captain America urges Dr. Banner to get angry for the battle. In other words, turn into the Hulk and start kicking ass. Banner, replies in his very … Continue reading

There has been an awakening…

    Have you seen this? Of course you have! Wait, you haven’t? How are we even friends?! In October of 2013 it was announced that Disney had purchased Lucasfilms and that a new Star Wars trilogy would be produced without the Maker, George Lucas, at the helm. I immediately texted my best friend who … Continue reading


This is another contribution to the UNCO synchroblog. You can read other posts in the UnResolved series here. In typical UNCO fashion, I wasn’t sure if our theme was about things in our life that are left unresolved or making an UnResolution to start the new year. So, in typical Derrick fashion, I chose to … Continue reading