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Embrace the fear

I loved “Batman Begins” when it first came out. It has since been greatly overshadowed in my mind by “The Dark Knight”, but it is still a very good film. In some ways, it feels like a deconstruction of the Batman mythos. One of the scenes I really love happens when Bruce Wayne returns to … Continue reading

Hurt people hurt people

I’ve never felt compelled to put a “trigger warning” at the beginning of a post, but this one feels like it might require one. So… you have been warned. I work in a bookstore. Most of the time, I am kept pretty busy, but occasionally we will have a slow day like yesterday. While I … Continue reading

The Fantasy of Football

I root for a team whose all star quarterback should probably be in jail. I spend a great deal of my time and energy in watching games suppressing the revulsion I feel about rooting for a man whose actions I have found to be reprehensible. It affects the way I feel about the game and … Continue reading