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Coffee, tea, or dignity?

Surrounded by hurting people, it is easy to confuse “entitlement” with the longing to be treated like a human. This is one of the most insidious parts of injustice; people who “have” look at people who “have not” and hate them for wanting on the same level as they do. They hate them because they … Continue reading

The art of metanoia

Questlove did this. Ani DiFranco did this. …then she did this. Shia LeBeouf did this. The creators of “How I Met Your Mother” did this. Melissa Harris Perry did this. All of which leads helps me to confirm something that I  have known from first hand knowledge; apologies are hard. I apologize a lot. It … Continue reading

My social media, semi-silent retreat

  I’ve often been skeptical of friends who take a hiatus from social media usage. From my vantage point, social media is a communication tool. And you don’t take a break from speech… except for when you do.  Last year I took a weekend long silent retreat at the Gethsemane Abbey in Trappist, Kentucky. I … Continue reading