Five reasons to give to The Pittsburgh Project this “Giving Tuesday”

1. This year we served 276 young people, grades K-12, across the North Side through our after school programs and day camps. Your gifts help us to keep developing servant leaders out of young people in our neighborhood. 

2. This year we served 175 homeowners across the city of Pittsburgh and the urban boroughs across Allegheny County. Your gifts help us keep our homeowners living in dignity and safety. 

3. Over 1,500 young people from across the country came to be a part of our service experiences this year. Your gifts allow us to facilitate these experiences so that youth can learn the value of living for others. 

4. In 2014 we will be undertaking an ambitious campaign to finish a community gym project that was started several years ago. Your gifts will help us to create a space that will serve our neighbors and enhance our community outreach. 

5. For over 28 years we’ve been communicating the love of God to people through tangible acts of service and care. Your gifts ensure that we will be around for years to come, working with compassion so that peace and justice may reign in our midst. 

Please give now and help us to end the year strong!

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