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Advent, day 25 (Christmas): “Light”

Not where I am today, sadly. This is the sun rising over Miami beach. A new day breaks with new hope, new life, new possibilities. A new world built in the shadow of the old. That’s what this is about, right?

Advent, day 24: “Joy”

Cookies, Port, and people to share them with. Joy.

Advent, day 22: “Sign”

I had a hard time finding a sign. Then I was folding clothes in my bed room and I cam across this shirt. Obviously, this is a sign. Hey, it’s still possible folks!

Advent, Day 23: “Neighbors”

I continually say that the thing that has been most rewarding about moving home has been that my kids are getting to be near their cousins. My brother lives right up the street from us and my nephew pops in on us from time to time. I love that. Neighbors aren’t just the people to … Continue reading

“Not that kind of Christian” fatigue

Added July 1. 2014: So yesterday Hobby Lobby, a company with Christian owners, won a case at the Supreme Court level allowing the company to opt out of covering contraceptives for female employees. It was hailed by some as win for “religious freedom”, in that “Christians” have a moral objection to contraceptives because birth control … Continue reading

Advent, day 21: prophet

I didn’t take this photo. It is of one of my favorite artists, rapper Lupe Fiasco. To me, a prophet has to be someone who speaks to the masses from the margins of the society. What I appreciate about Lupe’s lyrics is his willingness to critique the political structure and the culture that surrounds him. … Continue reading

Advent, day 20: “Good news”

There is no better news.

Advent, day 17: “free”

Time is the only thing that holds me captive. I am only enslaved by agenda. Freedom is a blank calendar, an empty “to-do” list and no meetings. Thanks be to God.

Advent, day 19: “Patient”

My kids’ Advent calendar, lovingly made by their Grammy, sits on the side of the refrigerator. Every morning, my son goes and grabs a little gift for him and his sister out of the day’s number. Then he looks at the number 25. He hasn’t opened a single number out of turn. That’s pretty patient … Continue reading

Advent, day 18 “mercy”

The problem with mercy is that it’s not justice. Often the things that we do that are merciful feel like we’re just putting a band-aid on a situation. The thing is, if you’re bleeding, band-aids are awesome!