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The dream is as it was.

I promised you last week that we would start looking at the core values of the Project. We’ll get to that after we have kicked off our fall programming, but this morning I need to do something else. 

As I do every year on this day, I listened to the entirety of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. You can find it on youtube here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smEqnnklfYs. Take some time out of your day to listen to it. All of it. It’s been fifty years since these words were spoken. It was before my time, as people like to say, and yet what makes this speech so compelling is the timeless nature of Dr. King’s vision for the country. It is a vision, like ours, that is firmly rooted in the biblical prophetic tradition. It is future-oriented and hopeful, yet deeply concerned with the here and now and our ability to engage in actions today that will positively impact future generations. 
People are asking in the media, what is the state of Dr. King’s dream today. It’s a foolish and simplistic question. The dream is as it ever was. Future-oriented, hopeful, yet dependent on us to be conspirators with God to make it a reality. Dr. King was right that the bank of justice is not bankrupt, but just as we don’t receive cash without work, we will not see justice without struggle and toil. 
I hear King’s words as a challenge this morning, as a gauntlet being thrown down before me. “Will you do what justice requires?” is what the Spirit seems to be asking to me and I ask in return will we do for our students, families, homeowners, and community what justice requires? 

About derricklweston

Father of two. I co-host God Complex Radio, a show highlighting progressive voices in the faith community. (godcomplexradio.com) I am an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church USA. I like lots of stuff. Sometimes I write about that stuff.


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