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Theology of Ministry, Section 2: basic theological understandings

Here is the continuation of this project. Section 1 is here. Original paper is in bold. Reflections follow. theology of ministry: basic theological understandings ┬áII. Basic Theological Understandings With the Scriptural foundation established, I can now begin making some assertions about what I believe to be the basics of Christian theology. At the heart of … Continue reading

My Spiritual Journey – Five (ish) Years Later

So I started this ridiculous project last week. In doing so I made an oversight. You see, the theology of ministry paper was actually part 2 of our writing for my seminary course. Part 1 was outlining our spiritual journeys. I post this because section 2 of my theology of ministry paper references the spiritual … Continue reading

Theology of Ministry, Section 1: Scriptural Basis for My Theology of Ministry

Original Paper in Bold As in any Christian theology, scripture plays a foundational role for my understanding of ministry. Several passages in particular are central to my conception of how the church is to act in the world. First among them is II Corinthians 5:17-19: So if anyone is in Christ, there is a new … Continue reading

Theology of Ministry – Five Years Later

During the last year of seminary, students at SFTS are asked to write a theology of ministry paper. At the time when I wrote and presented my paper to my class, there was really only one criticism offered: it ends very abruptly. My answer at the time was that the paper was unfinished. How could … Continue reading